Your Guide to a Girls Trip in Seattle

A few weeks ago I spent a weekend in Seattle visiting one of my best friends. I’ve never been to Seattle so we spent all weekend checking out all the must-see spots, eating good food, drinking wine, and we even squeezed in a seaplane tour. It was the perfect quick weekend getaway.

So, here’s the rundown on everything I loved and totally recommend for your next trip to Seattle.


Quick bite and drinks at Mezcaleria Oaxaca
Happy Hour at The Purple Cafe & Wine Bar
Ellenos Greek Yogurt in Pike Place Market
Wine cellar at The Purple Cafe & Wine Bar

All the restaurants and food listed above were super yummy. But, here are a few others we checked out and loved:

  • The Nest– This rooftop bar looks out over the water. So, it’s the perfect place to have a quick bite, a great drink, and watch the sunset.
  • The Pink Door– Amazing Italian food with a really unique vibe. They even have trapeze artists & performers on certain nights. This a total must eat!
  • Streamliner Diner– If you’re making the trip over to Bainbridge Island I highly recommend starting your day here and checking out their breakfast.


Ferris Wheel at Pier 57
View from inside the Seattle Ferris Wheel
Space Needle
Sunset from the Space Needle
Pike Place
Seaplane Tour
View from the Seaplane tour

I loved both the Ferris Wheel and the Space Needle. The Ferris Wheel is more of a ride and gives a limited view of the city but, a good view of the water and surrounding islands. The view from the Space Needle is an overall larger view of the water, the city, and all the way to the Mount Rainier. So, if I was limited on time I would most definitely choose the Space Needle.

Pike Place is worth putting on your itinerary. From the flowers to the fresh seafood to the cute little shops, there’s so much to take in. And eat. Make sure you stop at the Ellenos Greek Yogurt stand and give it a try. The flavors are bomb. It’s more of a thick, creamy treat than it is yogurt. SO good. Oh, and stop at the fish stand. It’s a fun little experience to watch the fishermen.

We also decided to do a Seaplane tour with Kenmore AirOkay, so two things. This ride made me so sick. It’s a tiny plane and it was a pretty windy day so the plane ride was bumpy. BUT, it was such a beautiful view and a quick enough ride that I can honestly say I would do it again.


Ferry over to Bainbridge Island

Eagle Harbor Tasting Room

Bainbridge Island was the cutest little town. It’s about a 20-minute ferry ride from Downtown Seattle. The ferry ride itself was an experience. The view of the city from the boat and view heading into the island is just beautiful. Once you get to the Island everything is in walking distance and easily accessible. We started out with breakfast at Streamliner Diner, which did not disappoint. Then we headed to the wine tasting rooms. The actual wineries are not in town so we opted to do the tasting rooms instead. Eleven Winery Tasting room specifically serves its own wine, whereas the other two tasting rooms serve wines from a few different wineries.




Coffee Flight
La Marzocco Cafe & Showroom

I have to say The Starbucks Reserve Roastery & Tasting Room was everything! I know what you’re thinking, “Not another Starbucks.” But, truuuuuussssstttt me! It’s nothing like you’ve ever seen at Starbucks. When you walk in you’re  immediately swallowed by coffee heaven. There’s coffee roasting, beans traveling from one area to another in seethrough tubes and beautiful industrial modern decor.

Then there’s the coffee. At the Starbucks Roastery Reserve, they only serve select, exotic, small batched coffee. Nothing that you’d find at a typical Starbucks. They travel all over the world to find the rarest coffees in order to serve one of a kind coffee at The Roastery. We tried a flight coffee, which was a great way to taste a wide variety of what they offered. After that we each got a fun drink off the menu, that was nothing like what you would have at a typical Starbucks.

A few other Coffee Shops I loved:

  • Amore Coffee- If you happen to be in Bellevue, I highly recommend checking out this cute little coffee shop. The coffee was great, each coffee comes with a  chocolate covered coffee bean, and they have yummy quick breakfast options.
  • La Marzocco Cafe & Showroom– This shop is located near downtown and has a cool vibe as well as good coffee.


Let me just say that Seattle is where Nordstroms was founded so, their Nordstroms are amazing. And let me say, it did not dissapoint! We shopped at the one downtown but I’ve also heard amazing things about the one in Bellevue. Aside from Nordstroms, there’s tons of other good shopping in downtown Seattle, too.

Have fun!



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