How To Survive A Juice Cleanse

Doing a juice cleanse is not for the weak of heart! I repeat, it is not for the weak of heart.

I sure thought it was though. To say ‘I had no idea what I was getting myself into’ is an understatement. I thought that the cleanse was going to be a piece of cake. It wasn’t and by hour 1 reality was sinking in- real hard. Honestly, I wasn’t sure I was going to to survive, but I did. And I’m so glad I stuck with it because I loved the results.

For my juice cleanse I decided to use Juice So Good. I found one of their juices in Target and what initially drew me to them was their packaging. Haha. I’m a sucker for good packaging. That lead to me buying the juice and absolutely loving the taste. Then I did a little research and realized the company was super legit. All of their juices are non-GMO, certified organic, dairy free and contain nothing artificial. So, I decided to jump all the way in and try their full juice cleanse.

This is just the brand I picked. I liked them a lot and feel like they had a great product. But, you certainly don’t have to use them. There are plenty of reputable juice companies on the market these days!

Anyhoo, back to the juice cleanse. It was mad real, but now that I’m on the other side of it I can say it is totally worth it. I’m actually planing on doing one again soon. If you’re thinking about doing one keep reading. I’m about to tell you all about my mistakes and give you all the dets on how to survive a juice cleanse yourself.

How to Survive a Juice Cleanse

How to Survive a Juice Cleanse

How to Survive a Juice Cleanse



The second day it was easier to not eat, but the first day I should have. I was stubborn and thought I had to fight through it. Well, fast forward to bedtime and I was going through it! Headache of the century and my body was so exhausted. Don’t be like me, listen to your body and eat a little something (healthy)For example, if you’re feeling dizzy or lightheaded that’s your body talking to you. Listen to it and have a small piece of fruit or some avocado slices and get right back to the juice.

Wean down from the “bad stuff” a few days before your cleanse begins.

My fiancé mentioned that maybe I should start drinking a little less coffee for a couple days before I started the cleanse. I didn’t listen and just jumped right in. Mistake!! I think that was why I had such a bad headache the first night because my body was going through such serious withdrawals.

Drink tons of water. When is tons of water not a good idea? Haha, seriously though, it helps keep you feeling somewhat full. It also helps your body get rid of all the stuff it’s trying to detox.

Find a juice cleanse that includes an almond or cashew milk juice.

Don’t worry it’s totally allowed in the juice cleanse. The one I did included it. I looked forward to drinking this each day because it was so tasty. Honestly, it was like the treat of the day that I couldn’t wait to have! Also, because it has some protein in it, it fills you up a little bit.

Here’s what NOT to do. 

Do not skip juices. I made this mistake. It. Was. The. Worst. I was starving. Not your average, ‘I’m hungry and haven’t eaten in a few hours’ starving. It was more like; I’m dyinggggggg type of hungry. I just remember thinking ‘send help.. these are my last moments in life.’ Haha. I repeat, drink all of the juices.

The benefits. 

I felt so clear headed and refreshed after the cleanse was over. It felt amazing!

Sleep was amazing. I slept like a baby both of the nights I was on the cleanse.

The cleanse made me take inventory of what I was actually putting into my body. And because of this I now drink a little less coffee- I had no idea how much I was actually drinking. Sigh.

My body and stomach felt like they got a complete refresh. My stomach hasn’t looked that flat since before kids-hehe.

I also feel like my face cleared up a bit from the cleanse.

Have you ever tried a juice cleanse? If so, how was it??


Disclosure: I received free product to review but all opinions are mine and not influenced in any way.

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  1. Tracy says: Reply

    Sounds good. I think I will try it

    1. Mombeyondmom Mombeyondmom says: Reply

      Hope you enjoy

  2. I haven’t successfully done a juice cleanse yet! Thanks for your tips. I’m excited to actually complete one.

    1. Mombeyondmom Mombeyondmom says: Reply

      Yay-I hope it works for you this time

  3. T says: Reply

    I was looking for tips on how to do a juice cleanse with kids. :/

  4. Annie Nguyen-ho says: Reply

    Hello, is this cleanse recommended on a reg work schedule type of cleanse, or should it be a weekend or days cleanse that we have no type of plans? Hahah as in stay in the house, just in case you gotta go cleanse? Lol

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