Quick Mommy Makeup and Sparkle Bar Review

Tuesday was a dreamy day. Someone else did my makeup. I don’t know about you ladies but that’s about as dreamy as it gets for me. I have always loved makeup so I was SO excited to refresh my quick mommy makeup look at The Sparkle Bar by taking their Beauty 101 class.

The Sparkle Bar is located in downtown Scottsdale and could not be any cuter. I immediately felt conformable and at home. But a fabulous, shiny, grown up home. Haha. Clearly I’m used to my four walls and Target.

The Sparkle Bar is a full service make-up bar and owned by two besties, Alex and Leah. Both girls are moms who have a passion for makeup and making women feel beautiful. The studio operates with the mission statement of: Every Client leaves “Sparkling.” This means that when you leave the bar you will look and feel even more beautiful than when you walked through the door.

The Sparkle Bar offers everything from a quick Blush Rush (20 minute makeup application) to a On Location Wedding Day Makeup to a Beauty 101 class. Oh and lucky for your ladies prices start as low as 25$!!!

When I went in on Tuesday I did a ‘Beauty 101’ with Leiah. (Leiah is co-owner and has been in the makeup industry for 14 years!) The goal of this class was to update my daily makeup look aka my “quick mommy makeup.” I wanted to learn how to get my daily makeup done in 15 minutes or less but still look flawless!

My Beauty 101 class was super fun and informative. The mains products & application techniques I took away from the class were blush, foundation application, neutral eye shades and tight lining!

Blush: I asked Leiah if there was one beautify product she couldn’t live with out and she said:

Blush! Blush is the one item I would need on a deserted island. It immediately gives your face structure, you can use it for your eyelids and even your lips which is why I recommend a cream blush!

Foundation: When Leiah applied my foundation she only put it in the areas I “needed” and for me that was mostly on my T-zone. Leiah explained that there’s really no need to apply it all over, it’s a waste of money and time for everyday use. So ladies there’s a few extra minutes added to your day, just make sure you blend, blend, blend and have a great matching color!

Neutral eye shadow: Apparently, this is how people get the “no makeup” look. Who would of thunk it! Haha! Apply a color that is very similar to your skin tone all over the eyelid. Then apply a color that is a tad darker to the crease of your eyelid making sure that you are going from one side to the other and not just putting it in the corner.

Quick Mommy Make-up + Sparkle Bar Review
Leiah teaching me to tight line
Tight line: This was probably the biggest take away for me! (AND YOU) This will literally change your look because it gives your eyes subtle definition AND makes your eye lashes look fuller and richer. SOLD! Tight lining is lining the upper lash line inside of your eye. For this you will need a flat tight line brush as well as a paint pot to use as the liner. You start by gently lifting your eyelid until you can see the inside of the upper lash line. Dip your brush into the paint pot and gently wiggle the brush along the lash line. Focus on keeping the brush towards the edge of your lashes not towards your eyeball.

Quick Mommy Makeup + Sparkle Bar Review
The finished product

The Results: I was SO obsessed with my look! It didn’t look like I had a ton of makeup on. My face felt fresh and my bags were covered!! Haha! Quick mommy makeup accomplished!!

Book your Beauty 101 here:

Quick Mommy Makeup + Sparkle Bar Review

Address: 4200 N. Marshall Way # 7 Scottsdale, AZ 85251
Phone numbers:(480) 941-3438


I have also linked a few items that I think every mom needs in her makeup bag after attending this Beauty 101 class at The Sparkle Bar. Be sure to check out the tight line brush and paint pot!! It will change your whole look!!!

Get your shop on & then book your makeup session!! You owe it to yourself girl!


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