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Ordering personalized hair care system

There’s a million and one different shampoos and conditioners on the market. You either grab something that appeals to you at Sephora or your bestie recommends something and you give it a go. Hoping it’ll work for your hair too. But, what if there were a shampoo and conditioner made just for you and your hair? Imagine getting exactly what your hair needed. Imagine no more, because the hair Gods have blessed us with Prose. A personalized hair care system!

What is Prose?

Prose is a personalized hair care line that uses AI technology to customize a hair care routine that’s formulated just for your hair. To create this customized your hair care system, you go through a very detailed consultation on the Prose website.

During your online consultation, you’ll be asked questions about your hair, where you live, and the type of lifestyle you live. The consultation is thorough and asks questions about things you would never think about when buying a shampoo/conditioner. Ie: the climate where you live, how much you work out, etc. Personal preferences are also taken into consideration. Like whether or not you prefer vegan products or the scents you like your products to have. All of it plays a part in how they come up with your own personal recipe.

After your consultation is done and your formula has been created, the team then gets to work creating your actual products. This ensures that your hair care products are fresh and the ingredients are active. All of their products are made in New York and are delivered within 5 business days.

Prose currently uses 80 natural and active ingredients. You can see the list of natural and active ingredients and their origin on their site. Prose has an office located in Paris that is specifically dedicated to research and development. They are recommitted to constantly doing research to find new natural and active ingredients-ensuring only the best for your hair.  None of their products contain parabens, mineral oil, dyes, sulfates or GMOs!

My Results.

Honestly, there isn’t much I didn’t like about the products. I was pretty much hooked when I saw the branding. I’m a sucker for a good brand. The colors, the font, all it. Then, once I started the online consultation I was obsessed. They asked really great questions and I felt like they were really doing their due diligence to discover what my hair really needed. The consultation is also really easy to navigate and user-friendly. When the package came everything was so personalized and again really thorough. The products came with a cute personalized pamphlet explaining all my hair care needs, how to use the products, and how they would help my hair.

When I did the consultation I spoke mostly to my curly hair needs so, I use this system when I want to wear my hair curly. And, I have to say I get so many compliments on my hair when it’s curly. It’s so shiny and has the perfect bounce to it. I really loved the hair mask that came with the system. It’s not like a traditional mask-it’s more of a pre-shampoo mask. You put it on before you even shampoo your hair, helping to protect your hair from the start! It did wonders nourishing my hair. I always tend to have dry hair so this is something my hair really needed. I love putting it on in the morning and throwing my hair in a bun for the day!

You can take the consultation HERE.

Ordering personalized hair care system
The online consultation
personalized hair care directions
My personalized hair care

personalized hair care

The leave pre-shampoo mask.

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