Why Every Blogger Needs The Online Form Building Website, JotForm!

Online Form Builder

As a blogger, I’ve had to learn a little bit of coding for my website. I’m pretty particular when it comes to my website and how it looks. So, I’ve been forced to learn to do a lot of it on my own. But, if I’m being honest, it’s just not my favorite thing to do. I’d much rather be spending my time designing and writing. So, that’s where JotForm, an online form building website, comes in.

What is JotForm, you ask? JotForm is a form building website with endless amounts of customizable options. It is a simple drag-and-drop website that allows you to create forms and analyze their data. But, here’s the kicker, there’s not a single line of code you have to write. Did you hear me? Not a single line of code writing! Yesss!! There are so many easy to create forms on the website. There’s everything from online payment forms to contact forms to surveys, to registrations, to online booking, and so much more!

So, there’s obviously other online form building websites out there but let me tell you why I think JotForm stands out from other online form building websites.

  • JotForm offers two online forms formats: Classic (all questions are asked on one-page, this is probably the style that you are most familiar with) and just-launched JotForm Cards, which asks one question per page. This makes it super easy to focus on each question you’re asking your readers and makes it easier for them to fill out.
  • Motivates users. Forms include a progress bar, encouraging your readers to finish.
  • Fun components. There’s fun smileys faces and icons that make the forms fun and engaging for your readers.
  • Gives feedback. JotForm has fun little micro-animations that pop up and give your users suggestions to prevent them from making mistakes. If you try to submit a form without entering a required field, the form will do a subtle shake, like it’s shaking its head “no”.
  • Smart Embed. Meaning the forms can adapt to your page with no problems or endless hours of recording!

Let’s get to business. How can you use JotForm for your blog/website? The possibilities are endless. Seriously! Here are a few I loved and thought my fellow blogger babes would love to.

  1. Contact Forms- You can create beautiful contact forms for your website that allows your clients to easily get in touch with you. The contact forms can be created to your specification and you can add as many or as little contact questions as you want.
  2. Sign up forms- Need to enroll your readers in a course you’re offering? Easily create easy to navigate sign up forms for your site with JotForm.
  3. Booking forms- If you’re someone who offers courses, consultations, or any services you can create beautiful and unique booking forms. They’re simple to use forms that will make it super easy for your clients to book with you.  (And increase your bookings! Who doesn’t want that?)
  4. Feedback forms- Looking to ask your clients for testimonials or to gather information. JotForm has got a form for that too!
  5. Tracking forms- Any form that you could imagine that requires tracking can be made on JotForm.
  6. Payment forms- Need to gather payment information from your clients? JotForm can help you create that online form too!
  7. Subscription forms- Growing your email list? JotForm has got you covered. You can create really fun and interactive forms to get people signed up for your email list. Use fun smileys and icons to create an email sign-up that stands out on your page and gets you more subscriptions.

Here’s a peek at a form I’m working on creating…

online form



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