Learning The Lessons In The Midst Of Hard Times

We all have a certain way we see life going. And, we usually do everything in our power to make it happen these dreams come true. But, what happens when you’ve done everything you can and life doesn’t go the way you thought it would? You have two options. Accept it, learn lessons in the middle of it, and grow from it. Or, drown in it and let it swallow you and change you.

This year has been a challenge, to say the least. I have gone through things I have never thought I would and my life has changed in ways I never thought it would. If I’m being honest the things that I’ve been dealing with, ate me alive for months. I was constantly thinking about things I should have or could have done differently. Thinking about ways I could have fixed things. I mean the list goes on and on. And on! I was living with a ton of regrets and resentment. I was grieving a life I had envisioned and I felt so out of control.

Gripping onto control.

All of my life I’ve been pretty goal oriented. I knew where I was going and what I was doing. I was always in control. Or so I thought. Going through this has taught me something about the control that I thought I had. I really have none. The saying goes, “Tell God your plans, and watch Him laugh.” Here’s the thing about life and plans: They’re great to have but at the end of the day, it’s about Jesus and his plans for your life. Something I had to learn the hard way. Feeling the need to control simply came from a lack of faith in God. Or rather a lack of relationship with Him. As I grow closer to Him and have a deeper relationship with Him I’ve learned to give up some of that control. (Most of it anyway-haha. I’m a work in progress y’all). I’ve also had to rely on faith heavily. Leaning on faith allows me to release my control because if I have faith then there’s less of a need to feel like I have to control.

Learning the Lesson of the storm.

Instead of looking at my storms as a setback, I’m taking my time to learn the lessons in the midst of the storm. More often than not setbacks are really not setbacks. They sure do feel that way though, huh? But, what if we change the way we look at it? I honestly think it’s all about perspective. Shift your perspective to  ‘What can I learn from this?’ or ‘What is God grooming me for? It took me awhile to get to this place if I’m being transparent. But, once I finally allowed myself to do this everything started to change. When you change your perspective you’re allowing yourself to stretch and grow into what God is doing in your life. These hard times are a time for reflection, a time to look at things you need to change in your life, a time to grow closer to God and a time to grow into an even better you! What you’re going through is really going to end up molding you and shaping you into who you were meant to be.

Learning to love & appreciate each “season” of life that you’re in, is essential to happiness.


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It’s really easy to lose yourself and your smile during the storm. Don’t do it! Dig in. Learn the lessons. let yourself have bad days but pick right back up tomorrow and keep pushing! Believe that there is more to come and know that when you come out of your situation you’ll be an even better version of yourself!

What are some thing’s you’ve learned when going through hard times?



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  1. Terry says: Reply

    I love this!! Life is full of changes and I’m so blessed even in the storm!

  2. Jamie says: Reply

    In the midst of a storm,
    Sometimes God calms the storm
    And sometimes he calms his child and lets the storm rage.

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