How to Enjoy Hosting Holidays

What’s not to love about holidays? The crafts, the food, the traditions and slow paced days. There’s just nothing I look forward to more than holidays. In my home Holidays are typically low key because we like them to be as relaxing as possible. And the food, there’s always some yummy food happening. We rarely do holidays out of our own home so that means I’m usually hosting. There’s just something special about opening up your home, cooking, and enjoying friends and family.

I didn’t always feel this excited about hosting Holidays. In all honesty, there were a couple of years I didn’t host at all. I was so burnt out from hosting and felt like I never enjoyed the day of hosting. So, we stopped having people over and started spending holidays at other family members homes. Not hosting was so refreshing. But after awhile we ended up not liking how much time we were spending traveling and I started to miss hosting.

I wanted to get back to hosting and I did just that. I started out hosting small gatherings and eventually started to host bigger holidays. I’ve totally revamped how I do holidays and always want it to be something I enjoy. I try my best to keep it simple and manageable. Here’s how I do this:

Plan out the day. Make an itinerary for your Holiday. I know it sounds funny, but seriously, do it! I always start my itinerary with what I’m cooking because once you decide on your menu everything else revolves around that. After that its all about filling in the details. I think about how many people I’m hosting and how much food I’ll need. I’ll make a grocery list and decide what grocery stores I’ll need to go to. I map out how long each dish takes and when each dish needs to go into the oven/on the stove to make sure it’s ready for meal time. You have to think about all the day-of details. Are you setting up activities for kids? Are you decorating? What tableware are you using? The more you can prepare and plan out ahead of time, the easier the day of will be.

Do as much as you can ahead of time. If you can slow roast the meat overnight, do that. If you can make the dessert the day before then do that. Set the table and decorate your house the week of or the night before. The more that you can get done ahead of time the less you’ll have to worry about on the day of the Holiday. Which means you’ll get to enjoy the day and be around the family a lot more.

Combine as many of your errands as possible. Now that you’ve made your “map” of your Holiday you’ll know what errands you need to run and which stores you’ll need to go to. Sometimes this part can be a little overwhelming. No one wants to spend the week of running a million errands. To eliminate this stress I do my very best to combine the errands I’m running and pick stores that are ‘one stop shops.’

One of my favorite places to do this is JCPenney. I’m all about the variety JCPenney offers. I can get anything from beauty to home goods to clothes and to me that’s #SoWorthIt. To get ready for Easter this year I bought the girl some cute clothes and the cutest Easter baskets. JCPenney is one of my go-to places to get the girls clothes because the clothes are on-trend and adorable but still affordable. And lets face it anytime you can check off more than one thing from your to-do list in one stop you’re winning!

How to Enjoy Hosting Holidays
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How to Host a Holiday



 JCPenney provided compensation. All opinions are my own.

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  1. The itinerary is such a good idea. I honestly get exhausted at the thought of hosting so I never do it. I’m a project manager by nature so the planning tip should definitely make it easier for me. Thank you!

    1. Mombeyondmom Mombeyondmom says: Reply

      It’s a life saver!!!

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