Homemade Deep Conditioner

In general I have always been big on deep conditioner. For as long as I can remember I have used one. I typically use it once a week when I wash my hair because I put my hair through so much damage. (Yes, I only was my hair once a week.. that’s a whole other topic). When I was a teenager and in my early twenties I used to chemically straighten my hair, so I needed to put back as much moisture as possible. The older I got the more I started to fall in love with my curly hair so I no longer straightened my hair but I sure have no problem coloring my hair. So one way or another I am stripping my hair of its natural nutrients so I have to put it back in somehow.

I also try to amp up my conditioning in the fall and winter because as winter starts to come around my hair typically gets dryer. The cold winter air typically dries out your hair. Then when you get inside you are usually blasting the heater and that only dries out your hair more. Because of all this you’ve got to stay on top of your conditioning in the winter. Otherwise you’re going to go into spring with dry brittle hair and nobody wants that!

For about 3 years I have used Ojan Damage Reverse Conditioner and absolutely love it. But I will admit it has a really funky smell. So last week I went to get out my deep conditioner and little did I know I was out and it never made it to my shopping list. Sigh. I was planning to blow out my hair and that just can not happen if I do not deep condition my hair before hand. So, I got to thinking and I  remembered seeing multiple Pinterest posts on deep conditioner. I didn’t bother actually looking one up. I thought I could make one up from memory. That’s funny considering I walk into the pantry and can’t remember why I am in there half of the time. Haha

I knew for sure I had seen mayonnaise in a post before, so I threw that in a bowl. I couldn’t remember what else technically went in these recipes so from here on I got creative. I thought I had remembered seeing avocado used somewhere in a recipe. I use avocado oil for my daily cooking. Double win, right? Put some of that in the bowl. Then I opened my essential oil drawer… I stood there for awhile. I went back in fourth on smell and or function. I landed somewhere in between and put in a few drops of Melaleuca or Tea Tree Oil. Mixed it all together and threw it in my hair and carried on about my daily activities. When my little one was napping I hopped in the shower and washed my hair and then blowed it out straight. Let me just say this: I will no longer be buying a deep conditioner! Ever! My hair was so silky and smooth. I was so pumped.

Avocado Oil
doTERRA Melaleuca Oil
Homemade Deep Conditioner

I am pretty knowledgable about my essential oils so I knew that Melaleuca was good for the scalp for many reasons. It can fight off dandruff because it kills the bacteria that causes skin cells to over grow which causes dandruff. It also has moisturizing properties in it, that help it soothe the scalp. And it can also remove excess moisture and other impurities that keep your hair from shinning.

The rest of the ingredients I had to do a little research on and found that my intuition was pretty spot on. The mayonnaise is great for moisturizing. But the most important thing that it does is protect your hair. It forms a protective layer around the hair strands that protects it from sun and heat styling!! As I continued to research I found out that avocado oil does pretty much the same. I think I need to bottle this up and sell it! Ha!


3 tbsp mayonnaise

1.5 tbsp avocado oil

3-5 drops Melaleuca or Tea Tree Oil

**this recipe can be cut in half for shorter hair, or doubled for longer hair


Combine all ingredients in a bowl

Allow mayonnaise to come to room temperature

Apply from scalp to ends and comb through

Leave on as long as you possibly can

Wash and style hair like normal

Cheers so pretty hair!



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