Easy Steps to Make the Best Chicken Breast

Chicken is a weeknight staple in our house. We generally only have red meat once a week so that leaves a lot of other nights to make something special out of a chicken breast. Haha. And lets face it there’s only so many ways to jazz up a chicken breast. Thus far this is my absolute favorite way to make a chicken breast because it tastes so good. But it is also easy to make and only takes a few quick steps from start to finish.

This chicken breast recipe is very versatile and can be used a few different ways so I usually start the week with 3 or so pre-made to keep in the fridge. Through out the week I usually have some sort of salad for lunch so I like to have the chicken breast on hand to add a quick and healthy protein to my salad. I also use them for dinners. Having a few on hand makes it really easy to add to a pasta dish. For dinner, I also like to serve them with a side of veggies, like my baked honey broccoli.

With the holidays coming up and family coming to visit I think having stuff like this in your back pocket is important because it helps to make the holidays a little less stressful. When you have surprise visitors this is great because it will only take you 15 minutes to make. Or when you have family come into town for awhile this chicken breast recipe is great because you can make a huge batch and leave in the fridge to make quick meals though out the week.




Garlic powder

Smoked Paprika

4 to 5 Thin Sliced Chicken Breasts

1 ½ tablespoons Olive Oil


Heat olive oil in a fairly large pan just below high heat.

Season one side of each breast with half of ¼ teaspoon of each seasoning.

Place seasoned side of breast in pan.

Season the side of the breast that is facing up with half of ¼ teaspoon of each seasoning

Sear 5-6 minutes each side.

Let rest for a few minutes so the juices get reabsorbed.


It is important that the pan and oil are fairly hot. If you put chicken into a pan that is not fully hot all you are doing is steaming your meat. Using higher heat will also give your chicken breast that pretty golden color!!

I should note that it is important that the chicken breasts are “thin sliced.” It makes the cooking time go by much faster. It also allows each bite of chicken to have that yummy flavor because the middle is not so thick. I can usually find thin sliced breasts in the meat isle at Trader Joes. If you cannot find it you can always take a package to your butcher and ask him to thinly slice the breasts. You can also pound out the chicken breats once you get home.

Lastly, do not put too many chicken breasts in the pan. There should be a little room to allow each breast to breathe. If you cook them all jammed up it will create steam which will slow your cooking time and you will not get that pretty golden color.





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