Aveda Wedding Masque Review + Other Beauty Products I’m Loving Right Now

Give me all the beauty products!

Haha, but seriously. I love beauty products! And lately, I have been trying to find natural beauty products because it’s so much better for your body and skin. I wouldn’t say I’m super strict about it and only use natural beauty products. But, I do try to be mindful of the things that I am using and switch out what I can. Aveda is one of my favorite natural brands because they use a ton of plants and flowers in their products instead of harsh chemicals.

I’ve been using their Wedding Masque line for a little over a month now so below you’ll find all my thoughts about it and all the other beauty products I’m loving right now

So what is it?

The whole premise behind Aveda’s Wedding Masque line is- ‘waking up to wedding day skin, every day.’ It’s loaded with tons of turmeric and a few other plants that help aide the skins natural repair process that happens overnight.  It promises to brighten and even skin tone while firming and lifting the skin over time.

And, honestly, it does all of this. I use it every other night just to make it last a little longer. (I alternate it with Origins GinZing Energy-Boosting Gel Moisturizer.) When I use it my skin is pretty firm and over time I’ve noticed my complexion evening out. My skin scars pretty easy but using this has helped with my blemishes so much. Its almost as if my skin has a glow to it now.

Anyways, get it! You’ll like it! It’s worth the investment!!

Is the Wedding Masque eye cream good too?

Yes. This is probably one of my favorite eye creams I have used. I usually get dark circles underneath my eyes. But, when I use this, they’re dramatically reduced and almost unnoticeable. My eyes also feel super moisturized and the skin feels firm.

beauty products

Other beauty products I’m loving right now.


Skindinavia Fine Mist Setting Spray I actually used to never use setting sprays because they would always make my face/makeup look too dewy too soon. And I have oily skin already so I don’t have time for all the extra dewy nonsense. Haha. This product, though.. it’s so lightweight and gives your skin the perfect finished look without being too dewy. It literally takes away the chalky/powdery look of fresh makeup and locks it into place for the day!

Glossier Priming Moisturizer The perfect base for a beat face! I have literally used no better primer. It moisturizes, plumps skin, evens the appearance of my skin tone, blurs pores, reduces redness from blemishes, and even has some vitamins packed into it that help protect my skin throughout the day. It’s a unicorn….perfection. Haha.

Aveda Skin Firming /Toning Spray The main reason I use this is that it makes my skin feel so firm and helps lock in moisture but contains oil. I put it on right after I get out of the shower while my skin is a little wet. It soaks into my skin and it literally feels tighter.  It’s weird, but also such a good feeling. I like to spray it on throughout the day as a refresher, too.


EVO Therapist Conditioner All of EVO products are made without harsh and unnecessary chemicals so it’s much better for your hair. I love this conditioner because it works when I’m straightening my hair or if I’m wearing my curls. If I’m straightening my hair it makes it super soft, smooth and helps ease the straightening process. And when I’m wearing it curly it helps tame my wild frizzy curls.


Native Deodorant- I’ve been trying for yearrrrsssss to find an amazing natural deodorant. I’ve tried so many and hated them all. They’ve all been sticky feeling or left me smelly. But, I finally found the one! Haha. I never get smelly, it goes on smooth, doesn’t get sticky throughout the day and it smells SO good! I always hear people say they want to try natural deodorant but don’t want to smell. I promise you’ll want with this one, it’s so good!

I’ve linked the products below in case you’re interested in giving them a try! Click on the photos or links to find the products.

The Sparkle Bar Ultra-Fine Setting Spray

Native Deodorant

Skindinavia Fine Mist Setting Spray- Right now this can only be bought at The Sparkle Bar. But, if you’re in Phoenix, Arizona it’s definitely worth the drive! You can find out more about The Sparkle Bar here.
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What beauty products are you loving right now?

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