About me

I’m just a mom riding through the six with my woes!! Ha! But no seriously, I’m a mom just like you sharing everything mom and beyond to inspire your everyday life!!!

I have two girls, 9 and 4, and I have a super dope Mr by my side!! My kids have meltdowns in the stores and I open bags of foods too. I go to Sephora and loose my mind. I have a serious tennis shoe problem and believe in wearing comfortable clothes… I mean how else am I going to keep up with these kids? I love reading and usually have 5 books going at once. I use trashy reality TV and uber sweaty work outs to exhale! I try to live a healthy-natural life. Food is the way to my heart, no seriously I love food!!! Writing is my passion child. Some days I think I am super woman and believe I can do ANYTHING and then there are those days I feel like I might be in over my head. But I give myself grace on those days and know that tomorrow I will bounce back strong!!!

I’m so glad you landed in my little corner of the web … I hope that I will serve as some inspiration and as a reminder that YOU GOT THIS GIRL!!

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