Strawberry Lime Popsicles

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It’s 113 degrees today. Do you hear me? 113 degrees! I’m debating if these are even livable conditions. Haha. We have been going through boxes and boxes of popsicles trying to stay cool. So, last week I decided to try and make popsicles with the girls. A fun activity and tasty treat. Win-win for the summer!

To make these popsicles you’ll need fresh strawberries, limes and cane sugar. 3 ingredients, thats it! This is by far one of my easiest recipes.

Before you start, put the strawberries and limes in the fridge until they are fully cold. Working with cold ingredients ensures that you’ll have a much softer popsicle. By soft I mean it won’t be icy or hard to bite!

You’ll start by juicing 3 limes. I got about 1/4 of a cup of juice from 3 limes, but limes are really finicky. Sometimes they are full of juice and sometimes they pretty much have no juice. Haha. When I’m at the store I always touch them and see which are softer to the touch because those usually have more juice. Put the lime juice in the fridge while you’re cleaning the strawberries, so that the lime juice stays cool.

Strawberry Lime Popsicle
Limes Juiced

Then you’ll clean and rinse 3 cups of fresh Strawberries.

Strawberry Lime Popsicle
Cleaned Strawberries

Combine strawberries, lime juice, and cane sugar in a blender and mix until pureed completely. At this point you can put the mixture directly into popsicle molds or you can pour the mixture through a strainer first to get rid of the strawberry seeds. We were ready to eat our popsicles so we skipped right over this step and poured the mixture into the molds. It honestly didn’t make any difference to us!

Strawberry Lime Popsicle
Pureed popsicle mixture going into molds

Once all molds are full of the purée put the popsicle mold sticks in or you can use regular old popsicle sticks. Then put in freezer. Because all ingredients are cold and I used cane sugar these popsicles will have a lower freezing point so they will be ready to eat in a couple of hours!

Strawberry Lime Popsicles


  • 3 cups cleaned strawberries
  • 3 limes juiced of 1/4 cup lime juice
  • 3 tbs cane sugar


  • Juice limes and put juice into fridge until cool.
  • Clean fresh strawberries, remove stem, and place in fridge until cool.Combine strawberries, lime juice, and sugar into a blender and mix until throughly pureed.
  • Pour into popsicle molds and freeze for at least 4 hours.

Modifications and Notes:

  • You can substitute honey for the cane sugar, but sugar has a lower freezing temperature so it creates small ice crystals, making the popsicle softer and less ice-like.
  • We are huge fans of sour in this house, so this popsicle is pretty sour. Feel free to add 1 more tablespoon of cane sugar/honey to take away some of the sour taste.

Do you have a favorite summer ‘cool off’ treat? blogsig.jpg

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  1. Love how simple it is to make your own popsicles and these look delicious! I am also a huge fan of sour/tart 🙂 Can’t wait to try this recipe out!

    1. Mombeyondmom Mombeyondmom says: Reply

      Me too!! Hope you like them 🙂

  2. Those look soooo good!!!

  3. WOW what a great combo of flavors! I can’t believe it’s 113 degrees – I’d hide inside forever (eating)

    1. Mombeyondmom Mombeyondmom says: Reply

      Haha, we totally do.. Unless we’re in the pool. 😂

  4. Oh my, how mouth-watering are these popsicles! Absolutely love the strawberry-lime combination and since it’s cold, it’s a winner recipe! Really great post! – Love, Anna

    1. Mombeyondmom Mombeyondmom says: Reply

      Thanks so much

  5. Yum! So perfect for summer.

  6. Flippin’ YUM!!!!

    1. Mombeyondmom Mombeyondmom says: Reply

      Hehe☺️ thanks

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