8 Tips to Stay Committed to Your Workout

Throughout my life working out has always been a constant and one of my biggest obsessions. I simply feel better mentally and physically when I’m consistently working out. But it hasn’t been that easy making it a priority since having kids. It’s just a challenge to find the time. But with my wedding right around the corner I had no more excuses and  had to figure out some ways to make sure getting to the gym was a priority. So, I thought I would share what has worked for me and help you find your way to the gym consistently, just like I did.

Get a Workout Buddy.
Staying committed with someone is much easier then staying committed on your own because it gives you some accountability. It’s really easy to cancel on yourself but canceling on a friend is a whole different story. No one wants to let their friends down.

Set Small Goals
Maybe you have 50 pounds to loose. That’s going to take time. If you focus on that you’re bound to get discouraged. Focus on losing small amounts at a time and eventually you’ll reach your big goal!

Reward Yourself
Did you loose 5 pounds? Are your clothes fitting better? If so, then do something nice for yourself! Get your nails done. Buy that new makeup pallet you’ve been wanting. Have half a cookie Yes, I said that. Life is about balance! Whatever it is, just reward yourself because you deserve it after all that hard work you’ve put into the gym!

Buy Cute Clothes
I know it sounds silly but if you’ve got new cute workout clothes hanging in your closet you’re probably going to be more willing to get up, put those clothes on, and rock it at the gym. You can also use this as a way to reward yoursel just like I talked about above. But those new workout clothes you’ve been eyeing!

And if you’re looking for some new gear, Hapari is one of my new favorite brands of athletic wear. The fit is so on point, the material is soft and stretchy yet sturdy, and they have the cutest prints. Check out some of my favorites from their fall Fit Activewear Collection.

How to stay committed to your workout

How to stay committed to your workout

How to stay committed to your workout

How to stay committed to your workout

How to stay committed to your workout

How to stay committed to your workout

How to stay committed to your workout

How to stay committed to your workout

Don’t Weigh Yourself for Awhile or Ever
How much you weigh is really an arbitrary number. It’s so unimportant. Pay attention to how your clothes are fitting and how your body is physically looking. The weight will come off with time. Also, remember that muscle weighs more than anything else. So, if you’re working out and gaining muscle it’s possible you may gain some weight in the beginning. It will all even out if you keep at it!
Make it a routine
Look at your schedule and decide what days work best for you and your life. Stick to those days and make it a routine. At some point it will just become second nature and you’ll know on those specific days you have to workout!

Schedule Your workouts
And by schedule I mean; put it in your phone or write it in your calender. You wouldn’t just not show up to your Dr’s apt right? Well, don’t do that to your workout either. Treat it as if it’s just as important because your health is that important!

DO have a cheat meal/day
It’s something to look forward to. Use it as motivation when you don’t want to get to the gym. If you know you have a really greasy, cheesy, fatty burger waiting for you at the end of the week, you’re probably going to be more motivated to kill that workout you were dreading. For me, it also helps me maintain my healthy eating through the week because I know on the weekend that it’s going down!!! Haha. (If you don’t know me well, I love food!!)

Be sure to try out Hapari‘s workout clothes and let me know  if you like them as much as me! Also, what’s one of the ways you stay committed to working out?


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  1. Falon says: Reply

    My workout schedule is non existent so that’s the first step for me! I always do best doing the same thing at the same time each day so I need to make that a priority.

    1. Mombeyondmom Mombeyondmom says: Reply

      Haha it’s such a struggle! I feel yah!

  2. Raluca says: Reply

    Great tips, thank you, I really needed some motivation to go on with my workout schedule!
    The workout clothes look great on you, I must try them as well! 🙂

    1. Mombeyondmom Mombeyondmom says: Reply

      I hope it keeps you going! Thanks love–they’re great!

  3. Making it a routine has been the hardest for me!
    Tiffany | http://www.arrowsandawe.com

  4. Alexa says: Reply

    These are great tips. I am bad about working out, but I think having a buddy and setting small goals, i.e. exercise x times this week, would definitely help me.

    1. Mombeyondmom Mombeyondmom says: Reply

      Yay!!! Hope it helps! Xoxo

  5. Tal says: Reply

    Love your outfit! <3 I have my husband hold me accountable and set a notice in my phone at the same time every night. When it goes off, he starts to "bug" me until I just go exercise! lol it works for me 🙂 Great tips!

    1. Mombeyondmom Mombeyondmom says: Reply

      Thank you 🙂

  6. I am so glad to hear I’m not the only one who buys cute workout clothes to motivate myself to get in the gym. My Christmas list is full of items from Lululemon and I’m hoping Santa brings some of them so that I can rock them to barre and spin class.


    1. Mombeyondmom Mombeyondmom says: Reply

      Haha girl I am the same!!! Hope you get lots of goodies 🤗

  7. Shane says: Reply

    With the overindulgence and stress of the holidays I’ve honestly been slacking. These tips are so helpful!

    1. Mombeyondmom Mombeyondmom says: Reply

      So glad they were useful! Hang in there!

  8. What a cute outfit! You are totally working it!

    1. Mombeyondmom Mombeyondmom says: Reply

      Thanks Kimberly!

  9. Buying new work out clothes always motivates me when I get into a bit of a rut. Thankfully, once I’m in my routine, I have no problems going haha

    1. Mombeyondmom Mombeyondmom says: Reply


  10. Lauren says: Reply

    I absolutely adore that jacket! Thanks for leaving the link. These tips are really great, especially during the holidays, it can be so hard to stay committed to that schedule! Who doesn’t love a ‘treat yourself’ manicure?!

    1. Mombeyondmom Mombeyondmom says: Reply

      Haha yes totally!

  11. This is a great list of tips! I have the hardest time staying commited!

  12. ananda says: Reply

    great tips! rewarding yourself is something that really works wonders for me! =) super cute outfit BTW! <3

    1. Mombeyondmom Mombeyondmom says: Reply

      Thanks girl!

  13. Yes cute clothes is always motivating. My hubs is my fave workout buddy :)!

    1. Mombeyondmom Mombeyondmom says: Reply

      So sweet

  14. I love that you included “cute clothes.” Seriously always my motivation. LOL!

    1. Mombeyondmom Mombeyondmom says: Reply


  15. I’ve recently started working out post baby, I’m learning that setting small goals and wearing cute yoga outfits has been making a huge difference in my consistency.

    1. Mombeyondmom Mombeyondmom says: Reply

      Yay! Go mama

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