3 Winter Skincare Tips I Swear By

I’m a huge fan of cooler weather- especially here in Arizona because summer feels like it lasts forever! I wait for our winter season all year long. But, then every year that it comes I remember all the skin and hair problems I end up with. Dry hair. Dry lips. Dry skin… It’s pretty much dry everything! So, I always have to switch up my beauty routine. I usually use the same products as normal but add in a few heavy hitters to make it my winter skincare regimen.

Body oil

Let’s start with the body. My whole body gets soooo dry as soon as it starts to get cold! So, I swear by body oil. Like, HAVE to have it. Haha. It took some getting used to because it has a way different feeling than body lotion. It’s a little heavier and it can feel sticky. But, I’ve found that if I put it on right after I get out of the shower when my skins a little wet it’ll absorb into my skin without feeling sticky or tacky. My favorite oil to use is Almond oil by NOW Solutions. It’s a lighter feeling oil but still packs a super moisturizing punch! Oh, and it smells AMAZING!

Face Cream

I don’t have anything fancy for you in this category but some good old fashioned coconut oil! This is my go-to whenever my face gets dry! I slather a good amount on my face and wake up glowing and moisturized. It has properties in it that stimulate collagen production and it’s full of vitamin E so it does wonders for your skin! But, don’t make the mistake of using it as your morning moisturizer, your makeup will slide right off your face!

A few other moisturizing products I like for the face:

  • First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream Intense Hydration and Kiehl’s Ultra Facial cream are good options if coconut oil makes you break out.
  • I also love doing a moisturizing sheet mask! It’s a great way to get a good amount of moisture into your skin at one time!
  • If you’re up for an extra step after the coconut oil, I also like to use the Murad Night Fix Enzyme Treatment. I will put this on over my coconut oil or moisturizer because it has some great anti-aging (hello!) ingredients in it and it helps the skin retain moisture.

Bonus: Hair Oil

Hair oil is always tricky because it can weigh your hair down and make it greasy too fast! And, a girl likes to stretch her time in between her washes. Haha!! But lately, I’ve been using a bomb hair oil from Prose, that I LOVE! I’m obsessed with this oil because it makes my hair so smooth and silky but somehow it doesnt get greasy fast and doesn’t weigh it down . It’s some sort of weird hair magic. Haha.

I also love it because the end of my hair tends to look ragged and dry unless I’m fresh off of a hair trim. But, with this oil, they look extra smooth and healthy!

What are your go-to winter skincare products?


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